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Earthdata Tools

NASA's Earthdata system provides a number of tools and services geared towards supporting the global Earth Science community. These services are available for use by developers of Earth Science data systems and applications, including:

Earthdata Login

Earthdata Login provides user profile management and authentication services, freeing up your application from the problems associated with managing user databases. Earthdata Login also provides an application programming interface (API) that can be used to query the user database and retrieve user information. Single Sign On (SSO) support is provided through an OAuth 2.0 API; see the Earthdata Login documentation for more information.

Earthdata Status Application

The Earthdata Status application provides notification banners for the Earthdata web site ( and other related applications. Notifications are configured at a central location ( and made available to client applications through a public REST API, Javascript widgets, and end-user-facing status pages.

For more information about integrating with the Status application, click here. You can also request Earthdata Status integration support here.

Feedback Module

The Earthdata Feedback Module provides tools for accepting and handling user feedback on your web applications. Easily integrated into your application with just a line or two of Javascript, the user simply has to click on a button to pop up a feedback form. The user feedback is stored in a Kayako tracking system for your convenience, as well as notifying you via email that some feedback has been provided. For more information about integrating with the Feedback Module, see the Earthdata Feedback Module documentation.


Tophat is the Earthdata menu bar that you see across the top of your screen on many Earthdata websites, like With just a little bit of Javascript, you can embed this into your web site, providing your users with easy access to many of the data centers and sources in the Earthdata system.