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How do users find our pages?

Earthdata portal user Google Search appliance to search it's own content. Every page on the portal has a search bar in the header. When a users searches for certain keywords a search results page is returned with an option to narrow down results based on projects in the portal. There is also a navigation menu that lists all the projects in the portal and clicking on it will lead to all pages for a specific project.

Is there a Workflow for publishing pages?

We do not have a workflow for publishing pages. When the pages are ready for publishing send us an email via Earthdata Support and we will add them.

How is page styling handled?

We remove original content styling to keep a consistent look across all the pages that are ingested from different sources.

How are permissions managed for viewing editing and approving pages?

We do not have a publishing workflow. A version of the document that is ready for publishing should be hosted on your site, and we will ingest content from there.

What types of documents are supported?

For a list of supported documents refer to Adding Documentation to Earthdata Developer Portal